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Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: M.Pringle

I’ve had a busy couple years- between my partner and I, we’ve sold 4 homes and bought 3. For each of these transactions I’ve relied on the real estate services of Bill and Lia McNally. They provided us with outstanding service every time. Despite being busy agents, they were always highly accessible, very knowledgeable, on time for every appointment, and they managed to negotiate deals that we were pleased with each time. In addition, the marketing was outstanding- they are highly active on social media, which I liked because I know that the internet is where most people start looking for a home. Their tips, photos, and feature sheets made my homes look great! I will undoubtedly use Bill and Lia the next time I sell (hopefully not for awhile!) and I will recommend them to my friends and family. Mark Pringle, Georgetown.

By: R. & L. Judge

Dear Bill & Lia, I just wanted to personally thank you once again for your hard work and dedication. Lindsay and I couldn't be happier with our decision to select you to help us find a new home and sell our existing home. At the beginning of the process, we evaluated multiple agents and it was clear to us that your experience and approach would help us the most. Throughout the entire process, you maintained open lines of communication, educated us on current market trends and became a true partner. We both found you to be trustworthy and appreciate the fact that you were very accommodating to our schedules. This was important as we have two small children and things can change quickly! I will continue to recommend you to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. Furthermore, I would be happy to act as a reference for any future potential clients you might have. We were extremely happy with the end results and appreciate all of the work that you did for us.


To whom it my concern, I am writing this to you today in regards to Bill McNally. I have personally owned 5 homes, which means I have moved more times then anyone ever should! I have worked with several Realtors in the past, and spoke to several Realtors before deciding that I wanted to work with Bill. My decision came rather easily in the end. I met with a dozen or so Realtors, then I met with Bill McNally. The moment he got out of his car in my driveway he smiled at me at the door, he shook my hand and introduced himself, and more than anything, he came prepared! He already had the market analysis of my home, the homes in the area, and where I was interested in looking. Nobody else came prepared; they all came to "chat" about what I wanted to do. Bill was cordial, polite, and invested. The first time I had decided to sell my home, I had to change my mind at the last minute. Bill was very understanding, and when the time came to actually list, I called him without hesitation. He came fully ready to do the job. I had originally wanted to move to Georgetown, a move that Bill would have happily helped me with, and during our search of homes, I advised Bill that I had to stay in Acton. His comment was "ok, less driving for both of us! Lets get started then" He didn't just show me his listings as previous Realtors had, he showed me everything on the market within my price range. When I asking about a specific property he hadn't shown me, he knew everything about it, and explained why he didn't show it to me. He was incredibly knowledgeable. I ended up buying one of his listings, I moved in at the end of August, and to this day he keeps in touch. He has helped me with things that have gone wrong, he has been there to support me when I've needed it, and he has celebrated with me when all came together. I strongly recommend that anyone looking at listing, or purchasing a home go through Bill McNally. All you will get is 100% of his attention, knowledge, and at the end of the deal, you will be nothing but satisfied. Bill, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you did for me, I am finally home, and I have you to thank for that!


Dear Mr. Poulstrup: I am pleased to respond to your invitation to provide a testimonial for the service provided by Bill and Lia McNally. I am writing this on behalf of my daughter ( at her request) because I looked after her interests in regards to this property. My daughter had finally evicted her deadbeat tenants by August 2011 and we needed to decide whether to sell the house as a "fixer upper" or attempt to renovation. If the latter, what renovation? A contractor had said he wanted to make an offer on the house as it was and we needed an agent to evaluate the property. I knew Bill and Lia throughout high school - I was their vice principal. We are able to share a few anecdotes from those days - but I will leave it to Bill and Lia to relate the history. I told Bill what our problem was and that I did not know if the house would be listed or sold privately. Bill gave us a thorough review (no strings attached), such that we knew the contractor's offer was about 40K under market value. Ironically, the contractor called me 2 days later, wanting to increase his offer- but by that time we felt he could not be trusted. We completed a total renovation during the subsequent 3 months. When Bill and Lia took over in late November, all details were handled in an exemplary manner. My daughter was especially pleased that Bill and Lia handled all details related to the closing. It has been a pleasure for me to renew acquaintance with these two personable "youngsters" and we are certain they will continue to make a positive impact on the community.

By: S. & B.

Hi Bill and Lia Just wanted to thank you again on the recent sale of our home. As you know Bren and I were very sceptical of real estate agents from our past experiences. Your professional approach to the sale of our home combined with your personal knowledge of our neighbourhood convinced us that we should list with you. We appreciated that you listened to us and together we came up with a price and selling strategy that was acceptable to all. In todays market with the advent of the internet it can be challenging to deal with a “knowledgeable” seller but you made it an exceptional experience. You went above and beyond what you said you would do. Your expertise as a negotiator brought the buyer and us together very quickly and when an obstacle popped up you “made it happen”. Also, as we were moving out of the local area and had chosen a different agent to represent us on the purchase of our new home you continued to give us advice on questions we had regarding the close on our new house. It was a pleasure working with you and we would highly recommend you to others.


The following is a testimony for the work done by Realtors Bill and Lia McNally on our behalf. My sister and I recently listed our mother's house for sale with the McNally's through Johnson Associates Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage. Bill McNally and his wife Lia work as a team, and so these comments are related to both of them. Lia does a wonderful job with open houses, administration and all aspects of realty work. She has a very nice personality, as does Bill. Both have a great ability to remain calm and provide reassurance when the stress of Real Estate and the market is felt. The McNAlly's made us feel like our listing was their first priority. They coordinated very well with their other team assets such as staging to make our listing a real success. Bill displays excellent communication and presentation skills. We had all the pertinent information in a timely manner. He shows extremely good judgement, is sharp and intelligent and employs a good, common sense approach that he tailors well to his audience. He is very informed about the market and keepscurrent on what is happening. He can quickly analyze trends and events and come to accurate conclusions. Bill McNally demonstrates outstanding negotiating skills. He really works the deal to the advantage of the client and, through his savvy approach, he makes a convincing reasoned argument. He can read people very well and this makes his technique very effective - one that is accommodating to his clients and efficient to get the best out of negotiations with other agents. He asserts himself appropriately in points of discussion. He is very honest and has a good sense of ethics. You feel like you can count on him. He listens and acts on what he hears. He does what he says he will do. Bill showed a terrific attention to detail with regards to handling our listing. He goes above and beyond expectations, using his expertise from other fields to improve and advise on home maintenance, inspection and general property issues. He can find creative solutions that help to close a deal advantageously for his clients. In 20 years of buying and selling homes with a spouse in the military, including several listings in the past 5 years in the Georgetown area, Bill and Lia McNally are the best agents we have ever had. We were very happy with how things went throughout our real estate experience with them. Those who list to buy or sell with Bill and Lia will be very satisfied with their dedication work and with the outcome.

By: M. & Z.

Bill McNally is not your typical real estate agent. I have bought and sold several houses in the past with other agents but have never had the experience that I had with magic man from Georgetown/Acton. Bill displayed a solid knowledge of the market, sound technical and strucutal knowledge and amazing negotiating skills that resulted in us buying our dream house. Bill is a man of intigrity who is honest and generious beyond belief. This guy treated my wife and I like family and made us feel that he always had our best interest at heart. As Bill often said "We are in this together". My wife and I never felt alone or unsupported as Bill and his wife Lia were always there to repsond to our questions and/or concerns that we had. It was a true pleasure to have Bill and Lia represent our family through this buying and selling process. I will certainly recommend Bill and Lia McNally to all of my family and friends as a real estate team that is truly above the rest.

By: J. & M.

Dear Finn Poulstrup: My wife and I would like to take a moment to thank both you and your amazing agents Bill and Lia McNally for the work you did for us. We could not have been happier with the level of service you provided. We would highly recommend Bill and Lia to our family, friends, and everyone we meet! Our home in Acton was marketed very effectively, which allowed for a quick sale and for the price we wanted. finding a home in Georgetown was more challenging, due to low inventory, but Bill still managed to keep our spirits high. This was a stressful time for my wife and I ,but he took the time to keep in contact on a daily basis. he reassure us that we would find the home we were looking for.... and we did! No matter what we needed Bill and Lia were there for us. they went far above and beyond any expectations we had, and are truly remarkable agents whom we can not thank enough for all of there help. Johnson Associates Ltd. should be very proud to have sales people like Bill and Lia Mcnally representing them. Bill and Lia McNally: thank you for everything you have done for us, and please feel free to offer our name and number to any future clients as a reference - we would be happy to share our wonderful experience with them. All the best in the future. Thank-you for all you have done for us, we are extremely grateful.

By: T. & D. BUTLER

Dear Mr. Poulstrup I am writing this letter in regards to Bill & Lia McNally. I was referred to Bill by my daughter and son-inlaw who used Bill to purchase their home. I was a little sceptical because we have used other agents in the past for other homes and got service ranging anywhere from substandard to horrible, these other agents only seemed to care about trying to get you to buy a home you didn`t really want just to get the sale. They didn`t listen to us, or they got back to you a few days later. You were lucky if they gave you a straight answer or even called at all after the the sale. So we weren`t expecting anything different. We were blown away from the service we got from Bill and Lia. We gave them our budget, two perferred locations and a style of home we were looking for, and Bill was able to find not just a basic idea of a home we were looking for, but our DREAM HOME! And for the price range and location we were looking for in only two outings. AND, he did this in two areas that were very sought after locations, Acton and Rockwood with record low inventory. We were pleasantly surprised by how fast they responded to any questions or concerns we had. We could call or email them any time day or night and they would respond within minutes, it was like having them right beside us all the time. They made the whole process effortless for us. We found that they listened to our needs and desires and fulfilled them (a service we have never experienced before). Transportation was an issue for me because I don`t drive. My husband was amazed when Bill explained, when a home came up he would have me in his car in 20 minutes. Great listening skills, professonal service and a real desire to please their clients. They have proved they will work for their clients and produce results. This is one realestate team that is truely outstanding in their field, I am sure that anyone who uses Bill and Lia will be very surprised by the level of expertise and service they get. We wouldn`t hesitate to use them again. Continued success to you Bill and Lia.


I worked with Bill McNally in the Mold Making business for 15 years prior to him leaving for Real Estate. He was a great Mold Maker, with good work ethics, and was always very personable around the shop. When it came time to sell my house I didn’t hesitate to call Bill. I was extremely pleased with his services. He sold my home after the very first showing. A year later, my circumstances changed and I had to sell yet again. Of course I called Bill in again. It took awhile to sell this home due to a lagging market, but Bill didn’t lose interest. His marketing and sales efforts remained constant the whole time. Once the home did sell, I bought another home and I really felt that Bill looked after my best interests. He knew all the clauses to put in the offer to protect me from a variety of issue that I never would have thought of. I will definitely recommend him to anyone and wish him continued success.


I write this in acknowledgement of the excellent service we received from your associate Bill McNally. I met Bill by chance when i went to see a property listed for sale in Mississauga and he was the listing agent. He immediately impressed with his open and frank manner and his willingness to devote time and explain things to us, making it easy for us to choose him as are agent. He never gave us any reason to regret that decision and if fact he went out of his way to provide us with excellent service at any time of the day that we demanded. I wish to thank both Lia and Bill McNally for their efforts in making the experience a pleasurable one and wish them all the best in their future endeavours.

By: T. Grimshaw & S. Carr

If anyone ever asked me about a real estate person they could absolutely trust without hesitating I would tell them Bill McNally. He is a person that has integrity. He is not all about the money he knows that he placing people and families in a home not just a house. He cares about how the people's real estate experience is and he works closely with you to explore all questions and every detail. Bill works with other people that he can refer to you to make your home buying experience a one stop shop. A professional to the tee. He is dedicated to find you what you are looking for and his follow up while and after buying from him is outstanding. I know in my expereince Bill was not just their to make money from me but to make sure I situated my family in a new own where we had never lived before a welcoming experience verses a fright night. Will Bill McNally you can not go wrong. I will use Bill again if our family decides to relocate again. Happy House Hunting with Bill McNally.


“Some people would say right time, right place, but I would say right agent, right home. Bill took the time to understand what I wanted, provided me with the information I needed to make an informed decision and put together the best offer for me to beat out the other bids on my new house. As I reflect back on the process there is no doubt that Bill will be my first call when I am ready to make my next move.”

Google Reviews
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