By: Bill and Lia McNally.

How to Quickly get your Home Ready for a Showing.

Tags: How to Quickly get your Home Ready for a Showing

Do you have a showing booked and are pressed for time? Run through this quick list and have your home looking like a million buck in no time. Please note that this list assumes you have already done your main selling preparation (staging, painting, and deep cleaning to the best of your ability) and are keeping up with regular cleanings.
-Keep a large basket on hand. Quickly run through the house and throw loose ends and clutter into the basket. Swiffer dust off surfaces at the same time. Stash the basket in a closet on a top shelf. -Put all dirty dishes in the dishwasher. -Spray and wipe down counters in the bathrooms and kitchen with a cleanser. The brand Method has some nice smelling sprays (the Cucumber variety is a good one) that will clean and give your home a nice smell at the same time. -Windex the mirrors and faucets. -Straighten up. Make sure all the beds are made, put fresh towels out in the bathrooms, arrange throw pillows nicely. -Run a vacuum over any carpets or floor that looks dirty. -Make sure to adjust the temperature of your home according to the season. If it’s a sweltering day, make sure buyers feel the cool relief of your air conditioning when they step inside. If it’s cold outside, turn the heat up to a comfortable temperature and if you have a gas fireplace, turn it on. It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase this selling feature. -Turn on lights in every room, including the bedside lamps. Lighting dark corners is a great way to make rooms appear larger. If it’s night time make sure the outside lights are on. Flameless candles are a great way to create ambience without the danger of leaving real candles unattended. -Baking bread, cookies or brewing a fresh pot of coffee makes your home smell wonderful and inviting, but if you’re in a rush or are working with short notice it’s not realistic. Instead plug in a vanilla or cookie scented air freshener in the kitchen to create a similar effect. Plug a “clean linen” scent in your laundry room as well. Just don’t overdo it! -Make sure all ice and snow are cleared from your driveway, walkway and entrance. You don’t want the buyers’ to step in a slush puddle and get in a foul mood before they step inside your home. -Now for the most important part: leave! If possible take your pets with you. Having you at home makes buyers uncomfortable. Buyers will linger longer and have an easier time picturing themselves living in your home if you aren’t there. Also, if you are home you may unwittingly reveal details that can weaken your position when negotiating later on. Personality clashes have the potential to make negotiations difficult as well. For more real estate advice, or to list or buy a home, please contact Bill McNally, real estate sales rep, at (905) 877-5165. Bill is within the top selling agents at his company Johnson Associates. His clients highly recommend him due to his strong work ethic, patience, outstanding customer service & ability to make clients feel safe and secure during even the most difficult of transactions. There is a difference between agents. Clients who choose Bill McNally are often quoted saying, “Boy, am I ever glad Bill is on my side!”

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