About iPro

iPro is now the second largest brokerage in Ontario with close to 2,000 agents!  It was established in 2000  by a pair of highly experienced real estate professionals with a vision to build a brokerage for the digital age.  iPro is full-service brokerage that reacts to changes in technology quickly and is unencumbered by outdated traditions and methods that are no longer effective.

iPro is not a franchised brokerage, which means that each of the 14 Ontario locations function seamlessly.  For the consumer, this means that no matter where you live, work, or are moving to, you can drop by the closest iPro office and the staff there will be up-to-speed and able to help you with anything you need!
Q:  Is there any advantage to hiring an agent working for a multi-national brand?

A:  No. There used to be, but certainly not anymore!  All Realtors, no matter which brokerage they're with, have access to the same information.  Realtors who work for these multi-national brands will often try to persuade potential clients that there are advantages in attempt to win their business, but it's simply not true (and honesty from your agent should be of utmost importance to you, as a client!)

Today, more than ever, your selection of Realtor matters much more than the brokerage they work for.  Consider the Realtor's level of experience, their reputation, honesty, and the feeling you get when you talk to them.  Personality and likeability are vital. If you find them abrasive, rude, or dishonest you can be sure that everyone else involved in transaction- like buyers, lawyers, and other agents- will too, which can have a negative impact on your results and overall experience.
Q:  Why doesn't the will sell team advertise in the Newspaper?

A:  Simply put, it's not even slightly effective. Countless studies have shown that just about everyone, regardless of age or location, relies on the internet to find real estate. This is not a trend, but a reality for many years now. So, why do some agents still advertise in the newspaper? These agents are diverting large amounts of their advertising budgets not to sell homes, but to promote themselves to potential clients.  At Will Sell, we concentrate our marketing efforts on methods proven to reach actual buyers!
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